Remington Brass 35 Remington


Remington cartridge casings are precisely crafted from brass that has been deliberately alloyed to offer an interior volume that is always just right and resistant to case stretching and brittleness. Primer pocket tolerances are maintained at.001″ and case neck annealing is carefully watched to provide easy resizing and longer reloading life. unprimed, fresh brass. This ammo is not loaded. Before loading, full-length brass should be sized, trimmed, and chamfered.
Brass Preparation: Occasionally, you may find that a few case mouths on bulk rifle brass are “out of round” or have a little ding below the shoulder. After the case mouth has been annealed, these flaws appear during the final tumbling wash process. Brass producers are aware of the impact on case aesthetics and have taken steps to lessen it, however denting may still happen due to equipment design.

Minor dings are often eliminated during the first fire and have little impact on the performance or life of the case. You might also see that not all of the anneal stain on non-plated brass has been cleaned out, giving the case neck a reddish hue. You might note that the case mouths are slightly belled with some smaller caliber cases.
The case and case mouth of brand-new rifle brass should be straightened out before being chamfered and deburred on both the inside and outside.
Run the case partially through the sizer die to straighten the case opening. The expander ball will then straighten the brass. Make sure to lubricate the case neck inside the case mouth to stop it from extending.

Special care must be taken to lubricate the cases before sizing them if you’re utilizing nickel-plated brass. Because nickel plating is more difficult than brass, it takes more work to size the casings. Invest in a stuck case remover if a case gets stuck; avoid using pliers, screwdrivers, or other common household items as they could harm your sizing die.

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