Winchester Brass 225 Winchester


Winchester produces brass of the greatest quality, and every item is produced to the most exacting performance and quality control standards in the business. unprimed, fresh brass. This ammo is not loaded.


  • Case mouths could not be completely round due to manufacture or shipping. Cases must be sized (or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through case neck) and deburred/chamfered prior to loading to guarantee a round case mouth. Note:
  • The case neck of new brass may have a faint “staining.” Annealing is the cause of this. The company uses a procedure called annealing that involves quick heating to a predetermined temperature and then rapid cooling. Through repeated shaping and firing, this procedure produces casings the right amount of flexibility and hardness to carry a bullet securely. This technique leaves behind a “staining” as a byproduct. Tumbling before loading could be able to get rid of this discoloration. Before loading, brass needs to be fully sized, trimmed, and chamfered.
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